Knowledge Extraction and Modeling
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Naples - Federico II

The structure of the Workshop foresees key-note speakers that can provide lectures on the theme of interest from different points of view (data analysis, machine learning, statistical modeling, data mining etc.), discuss among them and with the other attendees during the days of the Workshop and then conclude the Workshop with a round table where the results of the discussion hold and the thinking done during the Workshop are expressed. In this respect, the key-note speakers will be encouraged to think about the development of the mentioned theme starting from their own experiences but aiming at answering newly posed questions and challenges.

A group of scientists have been invited to discuss on the theme of the Workshop during the forthcoming months that preceed the beginning of the Workshop. The idea is to collect all possible opinions from the known international leaders in the different fields of interest to the themes of the Workshop and then produce a document that will represent the Manifesto of the Workshop. This Manifesto will comprise the leading thread that shall give life to the presentations and discussions held during the Workshop.

Among the scientists invited to the pre-Workshop discussion and tentative invited speakers:

Aside the key-note speakers, tutorials will be ensured and, finally, research papers may be submitted and presented by other scientists who wish to contribute and do not necessarily come from the field of Statistics (e.g. computer science, machine learning, bioinformatics, etc. with a background related also to application fields).

Therefore, this event is not meant as a series of lectures to be given on well established contents. Instead, there will be experts from different disciplines being invited well ahead the Workshop so that they can have time to think over the objective of the event and prepare their lectures accordingly.

A round table will conclude the Workshop. This is meant to summarise all discussions held and topics dealt during the three days of the Workshop.

International Association for
Statistical Computing

The Interface Foundation of
North America

International Federation of
Classification Societies

Villa Orlandi - Island of Capri, Italy
September, 4th-6th 2006